Thank you for all your support over the past year. We are delighted to announce that our partners are now able to take your orders directly, and deliver to you nationwide. As such, we are no longer planning any deliveries via Kit-Eats. Please see below for information on how to order each of your favourites.

Goemon Ramen

Our very first partner! During the first lockdown, we weren’t able to travel to Brighton to have our favourite ramen, and so we started the business to bring their ramen to London, both for ourselves and for you, our lovely customers. We can’t give a more glowing recommendation than that.
You can now order their delicious ramen directly from them for delivery nationwide via their website at
(Order by Sunday for delivery on Thursday)

Madam Chang’s Kaya

We started producing and selling pandan kaya as an add-on, but it’s taken on a life of its own, including winning three Great Taste Award stars in 2021. You can order this delicious Malaysian sweet coconut curd, and it’s now available in a variety of flavours

Simply Matcha

These lovely folk produce the most unbelievably delicious matcha milk spread which our kids just can’t get enough of, and have started creating drinks as well! Try it for yourself via


Delicious, flavourful fresh tempeh (fermented soya beans which are an excellent meat substitute), made right here in London. You can order it from


Versatile and convenient Indonesian spice pastes, by chef Petty Elliott. Available from

Rapha’s Salgados

Brazilian sweets and savoury salgados, made by the lovely Rapha! These are the perfect party food, and we’ll confess to having a stash of salgados in our freezer to heat up whenever we feel like indulging in some serious snacking. Rapha also makes full size cakes to order

Petiteserie by Janice Siew

Malaysian flavours reimagined via the medium of French patisserie! Recipes from the original Petiteserie in Malaysia, including the much-beloved Cendol Cake. Available only in a small delivery radius due to the cakes’ fragility, order via


The restaurant has been doing really well since restrictions lifted, and there aren’t any postal options. But do drop in if you’re in the neighbourhood, or order for takeaway!

Stay in Touch!

We’re still going to be active on Instagram, although the focus will shift to general conversation about food, family, language, and culture – follow us there if you think it would be of interest!

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