A Vegan Weekend

One of the joys of cooking from meal kits is the ease with which you can produce multiple different dishes in very little time. Fantastic for when parties are allowed again, or when family members have different preferences. In our case, we took advantage of this to try a couple of our new vegan, plant-based kits in the same sitting – from fridge to bowl in under 15 minutes!

Vegan Melaka Laksa

With a richly aromatic broth full of umami from its mushroom base, if you hadn’t told me it was vegan I honestly wouldn’t have known, and I’m not surprised it was nominated for a Golden Chopsticks Award!

This laksa isn’t just good “for a vegan dish” – it’s simply good in its own right! Once again, credit goes to Chef Me for being able to follow simple directions and cook noodles perfectly!

Personal anecdote time: Every year in Penang, there’s a nine-day long vegan food festival (the Nine Emperor Gods Festival), where pop up vegan food markets show up in a few places. One of the epicentres is Madras Lane in the heart of Georgetown, and in prime position, right in front of the temple, is a stall selling vegan curry mee (that’s what we call curry laksa in Penang). It is one of the things I used to look forward to every year – I have no idea what the sellers do for the rest of the year – and once again, being able to taste this in London hits me right in the feels.

Vegan Soymilk Ramen

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect here – my experience with soy milk has been either drinking it, or turning it into bean curd. How would it work as a ramen broth base?

I needn’t have worried – the boys at Goemon Ramen know their way around a pot of broth, and turned out a vegan broth that was filling and wholesome. It had the perfect consistency to coat the vegan ramen noodles and made for a very satisfying mouthful.

I’m starting to think going vegan might not be so hard after all…!

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