About Us

Hello and welcome to Kit-Eats!

Living in London is fabulous, and we’ve really enjoyed the diversity of its food scene, We’ve loved being able to explore different cultures and countries through food, all in one relatively compact city. The pandemic put a (hopefully temporary) end to this, but also started us thinking – what if this experience could come to you?

What about takeaways?

They’re great when you’re strapped for time, but they’re cooked at the restaurant, and by the time they’ve made it to you, they’ve invariably lost a little bit of their lustre. You would too, if you were placed in a closed container and sent out to rattle about on the back of a bike.

And so we started Kit-Eats to bring the restaurant experience to your home. Sure, it’s a little bit more work than a takeaway, but it means that the food is finished seconds before you sit down to enjoy it, at its best, in the comfort of your own home, with the people you love.

We care about your experience

We work closely with our partners to help them transform their menus into kits that ensure that you can reproduce the final dish in an average domestic kitchen, with a minimum of fuss.

Because we work directly with them, you can be sure that your experience will be consistent, regardless of who you order from on our platform.

Best of all, you can mix and match the kits on each order for a single delivery fee.

We care about our partners

We care about those who work with us, from our food partners to our amazing delivery partners, led by our family friend Cris. We work hard to ensure that everyone receives a fair deal.

We care about the environment

Items in our kits are packaged in biodegradable or recyclable materials as much as possible. As part of our kit development process we try to keep packaging to a minimum.

Deliveries are grouped, and we use reusable insulated cooler boxes to keep things fresh, significantly reducing the amount of packaging needed to keep food fresh compared to a postal delivery. Kits are packaged to order, ensuring both that you receive the freshest food possible, and that we minimise any food wastage.

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