Changes to our minimum order value

From this week onwards, our minimum order value has changed to £30*.

This change isn’t something we’ve made lightly, and in the interest of transparency, we wanted to write about why we’ve made this decision.

One of our guiding principles in running Kit-Eats is that we believe that everyone in the supply chain should be fairly compensated for their time and efforts.

We keep our share of the product profits as low as we possibly can in order to ensure that doing business through us remains a profitable channel for our producing partners. And we pay our delivery partners a fair rate, because we believe that nobody deserves anything less.

As a small, growing business, we regularly evaluate our processes and prices to ensure that we are continuing to be a viable business while still delivering value to our customers. We’ve noticed that on some routes, we’re just about able to break even, and on some deliveries actually making a loss.

This left us with two options – keep the minimum order value and raise delivery prices, or raise the minimum order value and keep delivery prices the same.

We felt that keeping the delivery prices the same and raising the minimum order value was the option that brought our customers more value for money.

Thank you as always for your continued support, we will do our best to keep growing and improving. As always, we are open to all feedback – feel free to get in touch with your thoughts!

*You might have noticed that we temporarily raised it to £35, but we felt that this made it a bit too difficult for small families and those living alone, so we’ve dropped it back to £30. Always trying to improve and deliver value!

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