Daikon Bari Bari Salad

£ 4.20

It’s all about the crunch! A refreshing salad with shredded daikon, topped with crunchy noodles and drizzled with a creamy sesame dressing.

*Contains peanuts and egg, please see allergen information for details

Kit Contents

Each kit contains a serving of daikon salad. Suitable as a side dish or a starter

Preparation Directions

It’s a salad! You can present it in whatever way you wish, but here’s how we do it at the restaurant:

  1. Ideally use a dish with a raised edge to avoid spillage.
  2. Start with the shredded greens
  3. Next, layer the shredded daikon on top
  4. Add the crispy noodles
  5. Top with nori seaweed
  6. When you are ready to enjoy it, drizzle the sesame dressing over
  7. Toss the salad, and enjoy the bari bari!

Allergen Information

  • Peanuts
  • Sesame
  • Egg

Shelf Life and Refrigeration

Please refrigerate immediately on receipt of delivery – kit not suitable for freezing.

Consume within 36 hours of delivery.


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