Madam Chang’s Pandan Kaya – Regular

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The word “kaya” translates to “rich” in Malay, and that is absolutely the right word to describe this silky-smooth, luxurious coconut curd.

Made to order for maximum freshness, right here in London, to a traditional recipe involving hours of stirring over low heat, handed down by my beloved grandmother.

We use only the best ingredients – Clarence Court Burford Brown eggs, hand-extracted pandan juice, and golden caster sugar for the perfect balance of fresh, buttery, indulgent flavour.

No artificial colours or flavours. Please note that because we use natural pandan juice, natural variations in the product’s colour may occur

Jar size: 190g

Availability: In stock

Kit Contents

Clarence Court Burford Brown eggs
Golden Caster Sugar
Hand-Squeezed Pandan Juice

Preparation Directions

Enjoy with almost anything!

The classic pairing is with toasted bread, but steamed, soft bread is also an excellent partner, as are crunchy biscuits. You are limited only by your imagination!

Allergen Information

  • Eggs

Shelf Life and Refrigeration

Please refrigerate immediately on receipt of delivery

Can be refrigerated for up to two weeks

Once open, consume within 3 days


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