Organic Tempeh Block

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Not just for vegans – a blank canvas for taking on a variety of textures and flavours, depending on how you prepare it

Comes as a 500g block which serves 4.

Why not add a jar of Rasaku Turmeric Blend? Perfect either as a marinade or a base to create some wonderful sauces to accompany your tempeh!


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Kit Contents

500g block of fresh, unpasteurised tempeh, handmade in London

Preparation Directions

Tempeh is an incredibly versatile soybean based fermented protein. Not just for vegans – if you haven’t tried it yet, you really should! It’s a blank canvas and will take on any flavour you care to throw at it, allowing you to let your creativity roam free – we like a basic recipe of coating it with garlic powder and salt before pan-frying, but you can try it with anything you like. Even the way you slice it changes its texture!

Allergen Information

  • Soy

Shelf Life and Refrigeration

Please refrigerate immediately on receipt of delivery and consume within 5 days, or freeze and consume within 3 months. Dark spots are part of the natural fermentation process and are not harmful. They do not affect the taste of the product.


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